Music Theory Final!!!

Identify major scale key signatures
Relative minor keys

Tonic, Supertonic, mediant, subdominant, dominant, submediant, leading tone

Parallel major scales

Whenever you get a accidental, first thing to think of is secondary dominant

Analysis: Key, nomenclature, non-harmonic tones

Augmented 6th chords

Part writing rules: parallel fifths, parallel unisons, avoid augmented 2nds, double bass or break your face, double soprano in first inversion or break your piano
Diminished chord 1st inversion, double the bass because it's diminished

Augmented 4th resolves outwards, diminished fifth resolves inward

Be sensitive to spacing, score vocal ranges

Neapolitan - used to replace the V chord, also called Tri-tone substitution

Modulation - go to any key area of the scale except the 7th