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The Academy of Ancient Music is an all period-instrument orchestra based out of London. All instruments are originals or reproductions of the instruments that would have been used in a baroque orchestra. The name of the group comes from an original organization from the 18th century. They play primarily baroque and classical music, although they also play some modern pieces written for baroque orchestra.

This is a list of many early music groups that were or are currently active.

This is a link to Oberlin Conservatory's historical performance department. Within the department, baroque violin, baroque cello / viola da gamba, baroque flute, baroque oboe, harpsichord, and recorder are all taught. All instruction for these instruments would be in reflection upon the music and techniques of the pre-classical era, creating an entire new generation of instrumentalists focusing upon early music.

O Brother Where Art Thou? sirens scene - The Odyssey told in a modern setting

American Gods - a literal interpretation of what happens to forgotten gods, gods from antiquity.

Pavane by Faure covered jazz-like by Jethro Tull

Jupiter by Holst