Breakbeat Things:

The Amen Break, entered into mass pop-culture, created in song "Amen Brother", by the Winstons
Drum loop reused when the sampler was released in the 80's. any sound that could be recorded could be used with a sampler
Can take drum samples, slice the sound into individual drum hits, rearrange them to create a new beat
Dub Plates
Companies starting selling samples, just taking samples from other music
society that allows free access to music samples is inherently more creative and can expand musically more, innovation grows when copyright is flexible
"Overprotecting copyrighted material is as dangerous as underprotecting it."

Many types of breakbeat:

Triphop: relies on old jazz samples, slower use of the breakbeat, originated 1990's in Bristol, England

Breakbeat doesn't have to be fast, just has to be syncopated

Chemical Beats / Big Beats: tempo 90-140, acidic sounds, punk styled vocal, heavy bass line

Downbeats: more relaxed with much warmer bass sounds, some acoustic mix in the styling

Nu Skewl Beats: 130-140, 1999, takes futuristic sounds of techno

Live Group Breakbeat: