Tenori-On Instrument Presentation


House Song by Daniel


Techno came out of Detroit, usually in 4/4 time, standard rock beat, not very many vocals

Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Belleville, 30 miles outside of Detroit where techno originates from, electronic scene moved from Detroit to Chicago

Tresor - an old bank in the UK, started making music in the bank, turned into a music record company

progression of electronic music: Kraftwork, techno in Detroit, moved to Chicago, Chicago house, then UK underground scene, hard house, then Germany


Very bright, lots of high-hat, lots of synths, little faster than House, a little bleepy bloppy of acid house, bass synths, vocals, arpegiators

Notes from presentation:

Deep Dish:
Genre: House

Sharam Tayebi and Ali "Dubfire" Shirazinia, from Washington DC

Remixed Rolling Stones, Madonna, many pop songs

Two albums so far

Nominated 3 Grammy's - Best Dance Recording, Best Remixed Recording, Remixer of the Year

#2 best dance/DJ artist of the year
#9 DJ list out of 211,990
Only American DJ on top 10

used people's cell phones for music
put a program on people's cell phones, give assigned seats, seats on a grid, call their cell phones, program plays a ring tone that they have created, music made by the ringtones

Daft Punk:
Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, Electronica Band
live shows: do a pyramid scheme, inside the pyramid
4 Moog voyagers, 2 Behringer controllers, 2 Lemur controllers, computers, don't use any keyboards
Albaton live software used to control midi controllers

two joysticks, one controls brightness and volume, other controls vibrato, pitch, essentially mod wheel
can create sounds essentially identical to instruments

used two scanners from photo copiers, create bars, use opaque bars, blocks and colors
played by placing objects, scanner passes and reads the objects, computer creates sound based on what it "sees"
one scanner plays, the other repeats

Moog Guitar:
four modes, full sustain, sustains every mode indefinitely, single sustain, plays a string without muting it, mute mode, creates staccato effect
harmonic mode, foot pedal to control harmonics
midi controlled guitar, fires synths and oscillators

Animal Collective:
very popular in EU
sort of tribal electronic music
can be annoying sounds

The Numark NS-7:
newest dj mixer / turntable, all in one thing, two turn tables, mixer, etc