Class Listening Exercise:
Listen to the audio examples on the House beat page linked below.
For each song, create a description for the following concepts:
  • Tempo or Speed of song
  • Instruments or Timbre
  • Analogue or Samples
  • Type of Percussion used
  • Synthesis tools used ( looping, Slicers, FX)
  • Mood or Spirit of the piece

Tempo: 120ish

Voice, samples, clapping on 2 and 4, 4/4 time, looping, high-hat, bass, kick drum every beat

Technotronic - Pump the Jam 1989

tempo 120ish, bass drum heavier, high pitched popping sounds (acid house), analog device TB303

Played at a club called The Warehouse (nightclub, where the name "House" comes from)

Acid Trax - by Future

120ish, Chicago House, clap every 2nd and 4th beat, high-hat on the offbeat, heavy bass drum every beat, adds a lead track, constant loop

Right Kind of Love by The Loop Doctor

120ish, Deep House, more ambient, more underground and less commercial, "swirling synth", "strong rolling bassline", more mellow, still has bass drum, clap, high hat, synth pads

Faith by JD

130ish, Hard House (British, harder sound to it) sawtooth wave synth, very repetitive, Hard House often has high-pitched vocals,

French Fries

120ish, Garage, more funk, latin feel, once again driving bass drum, upbeat high-hat

You Give Me Love by Keith Thompson

120ish, Speed Garage

Baby When You Hold Me - Undaground Playaz

Notes on Fruity Loops:

1. Sequencer: creates the "riffs" of the song
  1. top left: beats per measure, standard --
  2. Top right slider: swing feel
  3. Graph editor: controls resonance, cutoff, panning, etc
  4. Piano Roll - worthless simplified version of piano roll
  5. Click the little light next to the track to mute it
  6. Left nob controls panning
  7. Right nob controls track's volume
  8. Bottom left drop down menu for instruments
Transport Bar:

  • 01. These little buttons switch between the pattern in the step sequencer, and the entire song in the playlist.
  • 02. Little slider to slide through the song.. :P
  • 03. Play, Stop, and Record.
  • 04. Adjusts tempo, just click and move the mouse up or down.
  • 05. Selects a step sequencer pattern. Adjusted like tempo.
  • 06. Playlist editor. (F5)
  • 07. Step Sequencer. (F6)
  • 08. Piano Roll (F7)
  • 09. Browser. (F8)
  • 10. Mixer. (F9)

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