Electronic Music FINAL

1. Heavy kick, lots of compression, saw wave bass, reverb and delay on lead, Trance with a House feel, about 120 BPM, breaks, artistic fade, drops into a more ambient, heavy reverb, long delay, sawtooth wave, white noise, drops out and comes back to main lead, flanging, hihat on the upbeat, clap on 2 and 4, bass on 1, 2, 3, 4

2. Very latin feel, 120 BPM, panning back and forth, acoustic instruments, bongos, scratching, GARAGE House, kick on downbeat, hi hat on up beat, shakers, not very many synths, saxophone lead, ripping bass guitar line

3. House with an Acid feel, has break like Trance though, kick down beat, clap on upbeat, very electronic, no acoustic instruments, pleepy ploppies, about 120 BPM, fade into a more ambient feel, drops out again, no more percussion, more ambient feel, white noise underneath, saw wave underneath, big break to bring back the kick, constant hi hat,

4. Remix of a classical song, BREAKBEAT, sliced drum loop, rearranged and SPED UP a LOT, possibly randomized, pizzicato strings, flanged, about 140 BPM, hugely compressed drums, automated cut on the drums

From listening to the last day of class, I've learned a lot about the genres of electronic music. I've learned about the process that goes into creating electronic music and the principles behind creating synthesizers and drum beats and the like. I've learned about the endless amount of effects that are added to instruments like flanging and compression and reverb and EQing.