Benchmark Listening Excercise


1. Repeating, steady quarter beat, increasing volume, increasing tracks, echoey (reverb?), ambience, mildly eerie, electronic drums,
Electronic voice, synthesizers, fade out, more ambient after fade, lots of reverb, more of an eerie feel, darker, more distorted, synthesizer melody, percussion comes back in with melody, more tracks, more of a thudding beat than, less ambient, more house-like, repetition, synths exit, more and more tracks exit, left with solely percussion, percussion exits

2. Voice echo, heavy bass line, jazzy piano enters, jazz feel, chimes, almost south-american feel to it, african drums, repition, more
tracks, shakers, more layering, sporadic electric guitar, very light, bright sound, up-beat, jazz saxophone enters, voice, more improvisational, continued themes of echoed voice, piano exits, only sax, bass, percussion, more chimes, slightly darker, more
sentimental feel, piano renters, once again a lighter feel, return to previous theme, sax exits, percussion solo

3. Thudding drum, cow bell, drum kit, synthesizers, more of a mysterious feel, slightly darker than previous selection, less bright,
octaves synthesizer, most synths exit, left with single synth track and percussion, darker feel, more ambient, even less bright, more percussion enters, still ambient synths with upbeat percussion, more bright, clean synths, less ambient, return to previous theme, more melodic synths, repition from beginning section, once again synths fade, percussion exits, ambient synths, darker again, more of a
distorted / abstract sound, percussion renters, more clean melodic synths again, return to beginning theme again, very upbeat, up tempo, synth tracks exit / fade out, left with percussion and more percussive synths, percussion fades

4. plucked string instruments, beat break? can't remember name, very very very fast percussion, bowed string instruments with plucked strings and incredibly fast percussion, almost classical influences, sporadic piano, even more bowed strings, changes to a more linear,
less of the beat breaking, percussion exits, left momentarily with just strings and melodic synth, enters, then exits again, classical influences apparent, more plucked and bowed strings, violin, viola, cella, bells, overall very bright feel, happy feeling overall, light mood, percussion renters, incredibly fast, then exits again, more strings, very melodic and bright, minor feel

Electronic Music Petting Zoo

external image DTXPRESS.jpg
Power located on the main control box. Volume knobs on left side of box controls volume. Select buttons change what type of setting you wish to change. Go to the patch settings and use value buttons to change patch.

Yamaha PSR-510
external image psr510.jpg

Power button on the left to turn on and off. Spinner and + / - to change patch. Had difficulty because the middle section would change
with the patch, but the top section would always be piano and the bottom section would always be strings.


external image qsplus.jpg
Power switch on back of keyboard. Large spinner on the left controls volume. Value up and down located on the buttons to the right of the screen change the patch. Supports a sustain peddle.

Kawai Organ

external image kawai.jpg